SilverZone Concentrated Antimicrobial Disinfectant 75 ml – Household

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SilverZone offers a miracle solution today, where hygiene has become more important than ever before and has become a necessity for life safety:


Product Description

SilverZone Starter Set
Includes Followings:

Five 15 ml
Concentrated Disinfectants

A 150 ml
Spray Device

Square meter of area that can be disinfected with 75 ml concentrated SilverZone

Product Device to be Used
 75 ml of SilverZone (1/10 dilution) Hand Spray 60 m²

How to Use:

• Before using Silverzone, dilute it as specified.
• Clean the surface to be applied with a suitable cleanser.
• Fill the spray box with the required amount of Silverzone.
• Use the spray box to clean the surface to be disinfected with a cloth.
• When using the spray box, choose fine-mist spray and spray on surfaces to be disinfected continuously until the entire surface is wet.
• Let the surface dry at least one hour after application for all organisms to disappear; does not require rinsing.*
(*) National/local regulations regarding disinfectant applications should be strictly followed.
(**) It should be tried in a small area on sensitive surfaces such as matt aluminums; built-in products, chromes, shower cabin profiles and etc., and then the application should be done.

Silver is a natural element which has antibacterial and antimicrobial features, and it is not harmful for the environment and humans. Thanks to nano-technology, it is liquefied and has a destructive effect on bacteria and fungi.

Nano-silver used in the SilverZone was obtained from silver ions from the Juglans Regia L. plant.

Nano silver particles pass through the cell wall and cell membrane of bacteria and microorganisms and destroy their DNA. In this way, the reproduction of microorganisms is prevented.

FDA and the Ministry of Health approved hygiene in your home and office!

Nano silver, which is reported that it kills mutated or not mutated 650 known pathogens in a very short time, has been accepted as a drug by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

SilverZone, which has the Type 2 (disinfectant product used for the disinfection of air, surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture in public, private and industrial areas including hospitals) “Biocidal Product License” given by the Ministry of Health, is a long-lasting antibacterial and anti-odor.